The Real Money Secrets

The Real Money Secrets EbookI used to be a starving artist, not knowing how to market or sell my work – or even ask for money!

I read a ton of books and attended many classes from teachers and gurus who said they could show me how to make more, earn more, attract more – and most of it was useless garbage.

I decided I’d had enough of the farce – I believe now that the real answers lie within, and unless we can access them, we will be lost forever.

So to make fun of it all, I drew all kinds of spoofy drawings about what people really do believe will work, plus I and laid out many of the crazy things people told me would work – guaranteed! Hah – not!

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How can I get more money?” this little spoof book is for you – you’ll at least have a little relief from the constant worry!

I hope you enjoy this little book – at the end I listed some links to things that did, indeed work for me, and to books by people I love and respect.

RIGHT CLICK on the cover image to download your FREE copy of The Real Money Secrets ebook. NOTE: It’s free for now, but will go up to $9.99 soon – get it free while you can!

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