cover-5hHave you written a book, but don’t know how to design it, build it, get it to print or market it?

I’d love to help you do all of that! Here’s what I can do for you (so you can keep on writing!):

  • Front cover design
  • Back cover design
  • Interior design
  • Print book creation
  • Ebook creation
  • Image adjustment
  • Image of book cover for website
  • How to publish your book
  • How to market your book

FRONT COVER: Your front cover design is critical. It’s what pulls people over to pick your book up off a shelf, or stop them from scrolling by on amazon.

BACK COVER: Believe it or not, on a print book, the back cover is as critical as the front. It’s where people find out what’s in your book. If they don’t like what they see, the book goes back on the shelf and they don’t buy. If they like what they see, they’ll start to look through the book, and in most cases, buy it.

INTERIOR DESIGN: You want your book to have a distinctive look and feel, with readable text and unique design. Other wise it will look like every other self-published book out there – like an amateur did it.

KINDLE, EBOOK or PRINT BOOK: You’ll want both! Sure, reading on the Kindle or some other device is popular…and, some people still prefer to have your book in their hot little hands on their laps. They want to make marks and notes, dog-ear the pages. Give them that opportunity. And give them a chance to get your book in ebook form if they can’t afford the print version.

I can do all of that for you.

MARKETING YOUR BOOK: I can help you with my proprietary marketing strategies so you can begin to market it before you even write a word! Really! And it’s easy, if you use my specific formula.

HOW MUCH? I’ve created over 50 of my own books, as well as a slew of books for others. Contact me for details on what you might need. There are too many variables to list any kind of pricing structure here.

SAMPLES: I have placed some examples of books I’ve created for people below on this page. All of them are available as ebooks. The Land of Ammaze and the Horses book are ebooks that are also in print.

Although these books are primarily picture-oriented, I can also create text-based books for you. I designed, built and published all the other books on this site, so if you go through them, you’ll see many variations.

Click on the golden tab to the left to contact me about building a book or doing a book cover for you.

Right click on each ebook cover image to download them.

Land of Ammaze eBook   Mark White Ebookhands-cover-3h-3d




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