Inside Secrets: Stories I’ve Never Told Anyone

cover-3-d-600When my mother left us after a sudden short struggle with cancer at the unripe age of 69, I was stunned. She was so dynamic, so full of life, so creative – and yet, she was gone.

I found out first hand how you never know how much your mother impacts your life until she’s no longer here on the planet.

Six months before, she’d called me to say, “I have cancer. I’m told it will kill me, and they won’t operate.” Nothing like a death sentence to create a flurry of phone conversations.

In those few months, we spoke together more than in all the previous 40 years I had been alive. After she was gone, despite all our conversations, I still hadn’t any real idea of who she was.


I realized that our talks had centered on here and now, not what happened during this part of her life, or that. I knew that she was kind, artistic, smothered as a child, an avid gardener and sailor, a not-so-silent advocate for the earth and environment, and loving mother. But to this day, I still have no clue as to her deepest thoughts.

I also suddenly realized that my own children probably didn’t have a clue about me, either – what I had been through growing up, what I did before their dad and I were partners, even how I think and feel now, 40 years after they were wee ones – and what I’m passionate about – besides art, of course.

So I started writing stories about my life specifically for them. Even if they never read them before I died, they’d find them later. I hoped.

Since my older son is also an artist, I included a lot of art and ideas about where I get my ideas and some of the unique ways I use art materials.

Publish them, she demanded!

After I sent some of the stories to a friend for her to edit, she scolded me: “Angela, these are good! Why aren’t you publishing them?”

“Well, they’re so personal, I’m not so sure I want to reveal my most inner secrets to just anyone. It’s hard enough just to write them even knowing they’re for my kids.”

She said, “Angela. Write more. Publish them.”

I said, “yes ma’am.” This is one of the first books to come out of that decision.


Artist’s Interview Guide

Get Ready to Go On the Air! 

Are you an artist? You know, the one who works in her studio all day 48/7 and never comes out?

If you are, you’ll know what I mean when I say this: If a radio show host said to you, “I’d love to have you as a guest on my show,” would you say, “I’m scared! I don’t like talking about myself! In front of all those people? I wouldn’t know what to say!”

GUIDE-3-D-COVER-350If you don’t know what to say, you feel like a clumsy fool, right?

As artists, we spend the bulk of our time alone, creating, not talking – no wonder artists are afraid.

Fear no more!

In The Artist’s Radio & Podcast Interview Guide
you will discover:

•  how to eliminate your fear
•  what to say and how to say it
•  how to get your work in front of people without being a sleazy used car salesman
•  keep track of your interviews, hosts and progress
•  how to feel comfortable, clear and confident as you
no matter where you find yourself, or with whom.

You’ll be able to say, “Yes! I’d love to go on your show!” You’ll ace every interview, be a great guest, and be invited back repeatedly. You will be fearless! You’ll gather wonderful avid fans, followers, and collectors … and get more commissions and more sales!

If you’re being asked for an interview on the radio or podcast show say yes! Then plan what to say and track your event with this book.

You really can easily be a media guest, appear and speak in person in any group setting of your choice, get your artwork out there, and feel clear, cool, calm and collected and READY!

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The Beautiful Love Quotes Ebook II

More Love Quotes!

love quotes IIHow would you like to have a lovely reminder about how important, sweet and precious love is – with quotes by friends, and unique, fun, quirky drawings by moi?

This is it!


A beautiful ebook you can send read/enjoy any time at all, and a giftie you can send anyone by email that has:
•  25 beautiful love quotes and
•  25 quirky fun illustrations by yours truly!

Help remind people how lovely love is and how important it is to keep it going, round and round the world!

Beauty and love, all in one!

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The Beautiful Love Quotes Book

Happy Valentine’s Day – all year!

The Beautiful Love Quotes BookHow would you like to have a lovely, inexpensive giftie to send some one you love?

This is it!


A beautiful ebook you can send anyone by email
that has
• 20 beautiful love quotes and
• 20 beautiful oil paintings by yours truly!

Help remind people how lovely love is and how important it is to keep it going, round and round the world!

Beauty and love, all in one!

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The Etsy Image Guide Suite

Are you making the right images for Etsy?

ETSY-GUIDE-300WIf you take photos and make images – even on your phone:
•  for Etsy or social media
•  for making prints or other print materials
•  or for your website…
… you will love how easy I make it for you to take one image file and turn it into all the files you need for all those uses.

I invite you to read more about The Etsy Image Guide Suite! Go here –

I show you, with full illustrations and step-by-step directions, how to make all the images you need that show your buyers exactly what they’re getting.

•  Even if you don’t have Photoshop
•  Even if you don’t know how to make a pdf
•  Even if you don’t know how to make a © mark that protects your image, but doesn’t look like hell


♥  The 125-page Etsy Image Guide Ebook
♥  Resource Sheets you’ll want & need (most of the Resources are no-cost)
♥  Q&A Sheets with great questions asked by other artists and Etsy sellers, and…
♥  3 comprehensive How-to Checklists that help you, step-by-step, make the right images the right way for the right use so they help you sell more products & art..

Make Images that help you sell more art & products!

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Do you procrastinate (and then kick yourself)?

procras-3-d-cover-fr-4wCome on – tell the truth! Here, I’ll start: Yes! I put things off all the time – even putting things off until past the cutoff time! And I kick myself the whole time, even knowing I’m late. How stupid is that?

So … what do you lose when you put things off?

You miss dates, appointments, job-calls, assignments
You get late fees, fines or other punishments
You miss out on good offers that won’t come again
You lose people’s respect (ouch)
You lose your own respect (worse) –
I could go on. But you know exactly what you lose by procrastinating! You kick yourself every day, I bet! But do you know how to change it?

I can help you stop procrastinating!

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long-buy-button copy


COLOR: Special Collector’s Edition


LYON-color-3d-5h-coverMy first hard-cover collector’s edition of my abstract paintings is finally out!

This is huge for me! Huge! I’m so very excited about it!

I’m adding pix of a whole bunch of pages below to let you see how I’ve taken the alcohol inks, which are featured in this book, in many directions.

I really hope it inspires you to do something huge – maybe something you’ve never thought you could do – in your own life.

Continue reading

Simplicity: Meditative Mandalas – Coloring Book I: for Adults and Kids

3D-SIMPLICITY-103115Why simplicity? Isn’t that what we wish we had in our lives?

Because our lives are already so full, so crazy and so overwhelming! I created simple designs you can fill with your own color choices in your quest to calm down, quiet your mind and have a little fun time on your own.

When I create a mandala, I focus first on a feeling or a thought energy I want to convey through the design. Sometimes it feels like my fingers are being guided by a strong force. Thinking isn’t part of the process—I just watch it happen. Some I delete; most of them are keepers.

Some of these 50 designs are very simple, some more complex. They are great for rank beginners all the way to experts colorists. All of the designs are hand drawn. Some of the lines are a bit wobbly? I have a slight tremor in my hand due to excess use of power tools when I carve! Oh well. It’s OK – makes drawing more interesting!

Click HERE to read more and check out the sample images from the book!


Wild Things: Meditative Mandalas – Coloring Book IV: for Adults and Kids

3D-WILD-THINGS-102715Why Wild Things? Because they’re disappearing.

Isn’t it true that the Wild Side is just as important as the civilized? It’s time for us all to remember how dear our critters are to us all. One by one, our wild animals are becoming extinct. It’s time to change shooting safaris to photo-shooting excursions; time for us to nurture and care for our skies and oceans so their denizens don’t die.

Here are 50 (mostly silly) critter images from the Wild Side of life. Most are black on white, some are surprise white on black that, once filled, look like neon lights!

These designs are great for rank beginners all the way to you expert colorists. This books is great for gifts and holidays – for kids, moms – and even dads!

Click HERE to read more and see examples of the designs in the book.

I Love You! Meditative Mandalas – Coloring Book III: for Adults and Kids

3D-LOVEWhy I love you? have to ask?

It can be so easy to get so wrapped up in life’s daily chaos that you forget how much you love your friends and family and critters and the earth itself. Well, that’s true for me, anyway.

But then I stop and take a breath, and smell the fragrant air, and come back to just Being Me. Then it’s easy to remember how much I love my really precious friends and family, and my associates and others I know closely or not so, and whose company I’d be really unhappy without. Those connections make me happy and appreciate my life more.

What if you had a coloring book where you find all kinds of lovey images that help you remember your own personal kind of connections? I invite you to fill in all 50 of these simple, love-centered mandala designs with your own color choices in your quest to calm down, quiet your mind and have a little fun time on your own.

Click HERE to read more and check out the sample images from the book!