The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic

BBW-3d-4h-72“One Day in the Great Deep Dark Black Forest… The Big Bad Wolf sneaks up behind Little Red Riding Hood and, covering her mouth so she can’t cry out, slings her over his sharp pointy shoulder and quickly disappears onto one of his secret paths that leads far back into the Great Deep Dark Black Forest….”

What shock and surprise awaits her there? What does the Big Bad Wolf want with the Violet Velvet Bag he steals from Little Red Riding Hood’s Grammy? Who is the dreaded Dark One, and why will the entire Forest and everyone in it perish if he escapes his centuries’ old prison?

Harald Crispin Andersson’s scary-fun Twisted Old Tale #2 keeps you on your seat’s edge from start to finish. Richly delicious color-saturated countrysides, odd cloaked people and bite-your-tongue suspense! What are you waiting for?

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