Carving My Life, Volumes I & II – eBooks & Print Books

They’re published! Carving My Life, Volume I & II: I invite you to feast your eyes on the 70+ images of my beautiful sculptures in full, brilliant color on satin-smooth paper in both Volumes! The proof copies of the print book have arrived, and they are AWESOME!

I share with you intimate personal stories about my lifelong love affair with stone and how I fell into carving it. I’m so delighted with these books!

Carving My Life Volume I

• Why the two-year ‘walkabout’ (truckabout?)?
• What I did when the docs said I’d never walk again
• Why the switch from my passion for fine art pottery to being an all-out freak for stone carving (which has never stopped….)
• Teasers about carving in Italy….
70+ full-color images on lovely satin-smooth paper….90 pages

Carving My Life, Volume II

Carving My Life, Volume II

•  What are the Oddisms?
•  What was it like to switch from mellow, slow hand-carving to fast, powerful, potentially dangerous power tools?
•  What were the best parts of going to Lucca, Cararra & Pietra Santa in Italy to carve?
•  Ever see a sculpture being carved from start to finish? You will now!
70+ full-color images on lovely satin-smooth paper….96 pages


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