Delight: Meditative Mandalas – Coloring Book II: for Adults and Kids

3D-DELIGHT-102715Why delight? Don’t we wish we had more of it in our lives?

Life can be so busy, so intense, so frustrating! What if you had a coloring book you could take a break with and find all kinds of delightful images that make you feel great again?

You can fill in all 50 of these simple, delightful mandala designs with your own color choices in your quest to calm down, quiet your mind and have a little fun time on your own.

Each page, printed on good paper, has a blank back so you can remove each mandala you’ve colored and frame it without losing the next design.

These 50 designs are great for rank beginners all the way to experts colorists. Feel free to do shading and improvising at whim! Each page, printed on good paper, has a blank back so you can remove each mandala you’ve colored and frame it without losing the next design.

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The Real Money Secrets

The Real Money Secrets EbookI used to be a starving artist, not knowing how to market or sell my work – or even ask for money!

I read a ton of books and attended many classes from teachers and gurus who said they could show me how to make more, earn more, attract more – and most of it was useless garbage.

I decided I’d had enough of the farce – I believe now that the real answers lie within, and unless we can access them, we will be lost forever.

So to make fun of it all, I drew all kinds of spoofy drawings about what people really do believe will work, plus I and laid out many of the crazy things people told me would work – guaranteed! Hah – not!

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How can I get more money?” this little spoof book is for you – you’ll at least have a little relief from the constant worry!

I hope you enjoy this little book – at the end I listed some links to things that did, indeed work for me, and to books by people I love and respect.

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The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic

BBW-3d-4h-72“One Day in the Great Deep Dark Black Forest… The Big Bad Wolf sneaks up behind Little Red Riding Hood and, covering her mouth so she can’t cry out, slings her over his sharp pointy shoulder and quickly disappears onto one of his secret paths that leads far back into the Great Deep Dark Black Forest….”

What shock and surprise awaits her there? What does the Big Bad Wolf want with the Violet Velvet Bag he steals from Little Red Riding Hood’s Grammy? Who is the dreaded Dark One, and why will the entire Forest and everyone in it perish if he escapes his centuries’ old prison?

Harald Crispin Andersson’s scary-fun Twisted Old Tale #2 keeps you on your seat’s edge from start to finish. Richly delicious color-saturated countrysides, odd cloaked people and bite-your-tongue suspense! What are you waiting for?

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Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost!

HG-SQ-COVER-4hIt was such a lovely day! So Griffyn and her twin brother, Harlyn, went off to play in the Great Deep Dark Black Forest.

How would they ever know they’d get completely lost, encounter and vanquish a sly enemy, and meet a new friend who turns out to be a 400+-year old celebrity!

But why did Mama want them to cover their ears? Or never to tell anyone where they lived? What was she hiding? Or was she actually protecting them from…what?

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Mark White’s “Hands” – eBook (FREE)

hands-cover-5h-3dIF YOU HAVE EVER been surfing, or seen pictures of people surfing, you know how important balance is.

And you’ve seen how critical the position of your hands can be.

Out of all the pictures I got from my friend, Mark White, I selected the ones of just his hands – in the waves, falling from his board, touching his buddy board-to-board as they surf, reaching for waves…. I love seeing them. And as I see them, I think, too, of the grace of those hands as he makes his beautiful ceramics, and his line of amazing hand-made deep-sea fish lures! Such hands!

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I hope you enjoy all Mark’s beautiful pictures!

Mark White’s “Ocean” – eBook (FREE)

OCEAN-cover-5hWHAT HAPPENS when you go surfing with a camera on your head?

You get incredible pictures like these, taken by my friend, Mark White – pix of himself surfing, both alone and with a friend, underwater scenes with turtles and fish….

I’d been telling him for a year that he needed to get these pix into a book, so lots more people could enjoy them. And I finally just said, to heck with it, I’LL do it!

RIGHT-CLICK HERE or on the cover image to download it.
I hope you enjoy all Mark’s beautiful pictures!

Wealth Maverick Series: How to Easily Reach Your Goals – eBook

REACH-GOALS-COVER-4HDoes this sound familiar?
“I’ve really been struggling
I just can’t seem to accomplish what I want
I feel so frustrated!
I don’t know how to change this pattern!

In Reach Your Goals, I reveal to you what to do. Even if you’re a HSP.

It’s simple. Once you retrain your mind, you can do this one thing each and every time you feel frustrated. Tap along with us – you can use this method any time you feel “off.”

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Wealth Maverick Series: Go from Exhausted to Excited & Inspired – eBook

excite-cover-4hDo you alternate between days of joy, and days where you feel tons of anxiety?

Do you overeat at night when you get tired?

Are you so exhausted that you say, “I just want to go to sleep, I don’t want to even think about this”?

I show you how to stop over-doing it, and stop expecting so much of yourself that you grind yourself into shreds. Tap along with me in this powerful, life-changing session – once you stop that over-doing-it habit in its tracks, you’re going to make a quantum leap that you won’t even believe.

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Wealth Maverick Series: Get Back into the Flow – eBook

FLOW-COVER-FRONT-4hDoes your business success depend upon your ability to get into and stay “in the zone,” that place of calm, connected to your intuition and an ability to respond rapidly, efficiently and effectively?

If so, you’ll love this Wealth Maverick transcript. It’s from a Laser-Session with “Julia,” a stock trader who was worried that her tendency to “fly off” with too-many thoughts and confusion would undermine her ability to be a good trader.

I showed Julia how to get back into the flow. You can use this method any time you feel “off.”

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Little Red Tapping Books: Make Your Passion into Profits – eBook

P2P-cover-4hWhat are the basic 9 steps you need to take to convert your passionate endeavors into profitable products and services?

Do you know them and use them…in the right sequence?

When you download and print out this short ebook, you’ll see how easy it is when you follow the sequence laid out for you.

Print this short book out and follow the sequence to your business success!

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