Silly Critters Coloring Book! (print)

“Silly Critters” The COLORING Book

Silly Critters Coloring BookYou know those drawings I’ve been doing lately that are so fun? I’ve put the black and white line drawings into a COLORING book!

“Silly Critters Coloring Book” is all art!

You get my most recent, most favorite black and white line-drawings in this new 80-page, 8.5” x 8.5” coffee table book with a sexy-smooth velvety paperback cover! (sorry, egg not included…)

One design to a page – nothing on the backs, so you can use pens that bleed through all you like – you just need to either remove the page from the book, or put wax paper or cling wrap, or some kind of protective layer in between your coloring page and the next one in the book.

Great fun for birthdays and holidays!

If you want one (or two or three), CLICK HERE to get yours for just $11.95
(On amazon it is $14.95)

You know I love you!

aloha –

Here are four of the drawings from the book:

Fishies   Honu Stripy Birds