Carving My Life, Volume I

Carving My Life, Volume I

Carving My Life Volume II invite you to feast your eyes on the 60+ images of my beautiful stone sculpture in full, brilliant color on satin-smooth paper in Carving My Life, Volume I.

You can get it as an ebook and a print book.

The print version is ready to order – I got the proof in the mail today and it is beautiful! I share with you intimate personal stories about my lifelong love affair with stone and how I fell into carving it.

What’s in Carving My Life, Volume I?

• Why the two-year ‘walkabout’ (truckabout?)?
• What I did when the docs said I’d never walk again
• Why the switch from my passion for fine art pottery to being an all-out freak for stone carving (which has never stopped….)
• A few teasers about carving in Italy • There’s more, but you’ll see.

GET THE EBOOK HERE: $19.97 long-buy-button copy GET THE PRINT BOOK HERE: $29.97 long-buy-button copybottom-line

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