Kailua Beach in Watercolors Art Book (print)

Kailua Beach in Watercolors Art Book (print)

Kailua Beach in WatercolorI never used to like using watercolors. They have been, to me, the hardest-to-master paint medium EVER.

But using the very intense colored inks by the Dr. Martin brand has changed that for me – I have been playing with them non-stop, making little paintings that I just love.

I was posting them on Facebook, where people were popping over them! Tell me that wouldn’t make you feel good!

So I decided to make a book of the first batch, which is mostly based on photos I took of my beautiful local beach (with my iphone! So amazing to be able to get quality pix with it!).

So here it is: Kailua Beach in Watercolor.

You get 29 of the most recent, most favorite, full-color images of my watercolor paintings of Kailua Beach (and a couple of other places, also on Oahu) in this new 80-page book. It is an 8.5” x 8.5” coffee table book with a sexy-smooth velvety paperback cover! (sorry, egg not included…)

It’s beautiful! It’s a little bit thinner than the mockup picture here – fair warning – and it sure is fabulous!

If you want one (or two or three), CLICK HERE to get yours for just $23.95
(On amazon it is $29.95 – you save 25%!)

You know I love you!

aloha –

p.s. Why 29 and not 30 images? Because of the way the publishing system works, if I added even one more image, I’d have to add an additional $5 to the price! I wanted to keep it as low as I could – publishing color books costs a fortune! – so you could have it for less.

Here are six of the paintings from the book:

Kamanu Returns   Kayaking the Silent Morning Kailua Beach   The Hammock Get that Perfect Shot   Canoe Home