Twisted Old Tales

A new twist on old tales!

Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost

A new twist on the old Hansl and Gretl, where nothing is at it seems, and won’t ever be again!


It was such a lovely day! So Griffyn and her twin brother, Harlyn, went off to play in the Great Deep Dark Black Forest.

What they found there was more than they could ever have expected!

But why did Mama want them to cover their ears? Or never to tell anyone where they lived? What was she hiding? Was she actually protecting them from…what?


“I can’t wait to read this to my grandkids and see the looks of joy and excitement on their faces!! I’m so in love with this book!
~ Rebecca Marina, Amazon Best-Selling Author

”It’s a page-turner – I never suspected the story would end up like that!
~ Beth K. Arnold, Peace in Being Transformational Advisor


Harald Crispin Andersson’s lost-in-the-forest Twisted Old Tale, Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost features fantastical landscapes, odd people and critters, with plenty surprises and suspense!


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